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We develop SaaS Solutions

We believe that there are so many new concepts within all industries that is worth ressearching and digitalizing via an SaaS solution. 

SaaS solutions that we believe in

We only develop SaaS solutions that we believe are good ideas. 
We are partners in all the SaaS solutions that we develop, therefore our business partners will not have a large investment in the solution before it is launched.

Improving Processes

We believe that processes can be optimized within all business.
We primarily partner up with companies or people that have industry knowledge, and help develop the platform from a technical and business minded view.


Before entering into a partnership it is important to have done some research to know if there is a basis for the concept. 
A concept testing is the best place to start. We can also help with that if it’s needed. 


All our partnerships are based on mutual understanding of the business idea. 
Therefore it is important that the idea is presentet in a way that it is easy to understand.

Taking on new projects

At the moment, we are currently not taking on new projects.
We are currently working partners from all over the world to develop two large platforms that will optimize processes within industries worldwide, while one is based on shared economy.
We always like hearing about new possibilities, so we might add it to out waitlist if the right idea comes along. 
So feel free to contact ud in any case. 

Concept testing

Before taking on a new partnership, we would like to do a concept test, to see if the concept is worth pursuing. 
As we are partners in this, it is important for us that the concept works and that the platform has a basis for it’s existence. We are able to help with this, if it is needed.

Do you have a great idea?